Anti Wrinkle Pillow: Is This the New Miracle Cure For Aging Skin?

If you are actually planning or thinking about spending money on botox injections or anti wrinkle creams in order to transform your looks you might actually be better off sleeping on the problem.

Could you can get an anti wrinkle pillow which really irons out creases from your skin while you sleep? Well, manufacturers have indeed begun to develop something that claims to do exactly that. By weaving copper oxide into the fabric that is used to make pillow cases, manufacturers claim that sleeping on their pillows can be just as effective as the best anti wrinkle creams.

The pillows were invented after a textile scientist decided to incorporate copper into fabric due to its wound healing properties. Copper is known to stimulate the production of collagen underneath the skin, which helps with healing as well as promote young looking skin. Pillow cases were also made and tested and reportedly had noteworthy results after four weeks or less. Moisture produced by the skin during sleep is thought to help release copper ions from the pillow.

Copper anti wrinkle pillows feel just like any ordinary pillow. You will not notice any metallic texture and you should sleep just as you would with a normal pillow. You might also want to wear a copper eye mask for that extra effect on the fine lines around your eyes, or copper fabric gloves to stop your hands from telling everyone your age.

So far research has not shown any negative effects from all this copper. But, if you have worries about this, you may choose a different type of anti wrinkle pillow which saves your skin from being creased or wrinkled by your regular pillow. Surely, if you sleep on your back this would not be an issue, but the aim here is to help people who sleep on their sides.

This copper anti wrinkle pillow has a special shape, usually donut or crescent shaped. The head and chin are supported however; there is a hollow under the cheek, so that the sensitive skin in that area is not crushed. This also helps to retain the skin's natural moisture and oils as rubbing against a cotton pillow can have a very drying effect on the skin.

If you prefer to use your regular pillow, you should consider getting one that is filled with a very soft substance such as feathers as this follows the natural curves of your face better than synthetic stuffing. Remember that some people are allergic to feathers so, you would need to check this out. You may also choose a pillow case that is made from silk rather than cotton to minimize its drying effect.

If you sleep on a standard pillow with cotton case at present, you may want to switch to protect your skin. There is in fact nothing to lose except the initial cost of the pillow, which is not costly. Since you have to sleep on some kind of pillow anyway, why not do your skin a favor by choosing an anti wrinkle pillow?